Conflict has been and will be until the end of time. Some say that conflict can be healthy, others are not so sure of that. What ever your thoughts on the subject, you will always have it to speak about because it will always be around. What separates the “apples from the oranges” is how conflict is dealt with. Since conflict is considered to be a disagreement between 2 or more people, it should be handled in a way that will teach and train rather than punish and embarrass. Now the question will be asked, how? Even when someone is speaking to another someone who is less than willing to “bend”, consideration must be given to the person, as a person. By speaking louder than someone or getting others to go along with you will not solve conflict. This will only serve to bring bitterness and other embarrassment to the entire group. Jesus has the perfect answer on how to deal with conflict and resolve it.

Quickly – Matthew 5: 23-25 (there will be little to no time for bitterness to set in and productivity can continue)

Face to Face – Matthew 18:15 ( it is better to always go directly to the person and not use a second party)

Get Help – Matthew 18: 16-17 ( if the parties cannot come to a conclusion on their own, involving a second party, someone from the outside is advisable)

We as humans can learn a lot from other humans, even our enemies! The circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in are designed for us to grow.3A4739E0-7E0B-4001-9BB9-18F88108546E

Author: 7rosepetal

I’m a Licensed and Ordained Minister/ Counselor and servant of Christ. At Woman of the Word Ministry, we aim to help women to better communication within themselves. This leads to truly understanding self and strengthening family bonds.

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