The choices of thought, food and power.

To say that there are bad or poor food options, would be – as they say ” a understatement”. The choices of quality food have been shrinking for a number of years. No matter what is happening in the world, folks with limited resources are the most exposed. I think that it is hard to measure true poverty, because the standard of living is different across the world. I don’t think that the world power can head-count people of limited resources (when the numbers come out they are only estimates), and even if they could this does not measure the intensity of poverty at all. One report that I read says that the poorest person will be making $1 a day by the year 2050. This kind of puts things into perspective. In everything that we do and what we think, we think about who we are and what we have. The choices we make are firmly tied to our prospective of ourselves. This is first and foremost. It is imperative to know that we all can make positive choices, but there are some who don’t even think that they have a right to do so. We are all influenced by our environment, be it positive or negative. The catch, or twist is that we must know that we have the power to influence what we see and think. Some people think the way that they have been trained by the world that they see, not fully understanding that what is seen with the necked eye is not necessarily the truth. There must be conscious thought that the world is bigger and holds more ideals than we see. The fact that people with limited resources tend to think that they are powerless speaks volumes to the contrary. Thinking powerless thoughts, when turned 360 degrees to understand that changed thought processes gives greater power to ideals. There will always be those who have and those who don’t have. My prayer is that there will be those who THINK.

Prophetess Wanakee

Author: 7rosepetal

I’m a Licensed and Ordained Minister/ Counselor and servant of Christ. At Woman of the Word Ministry, we aim to help women to better communication within themselves. This leads to truly understanding self and strengthening family bonds.

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