How do you decide to tip?

I travel and stay in hotels a lot. I have luggage with me and it is put in the back of the hotel van by a driver. I have gotten to know some of the drivers, due to the amount of time I stay in the hotels. I usually tip the driver. I do this even though I have had my suitcase dropped by the driver. Even though my handle was bent by the driver. Even though my small bag was taken apart, just because the driver wanted to do it. My point is I tip the van driver. On one occasion I was leaving the hotel and I witnessed the van driver being rude to one of the guest. When we reached the airport, my bags were taken out and I tipped the driver. I watched this other guest say to the driver, “I don’t have any money for you”. The driver said “what do you need change for”. The guest said, “I don’t need any change”. The driver said “oh you just don’t have any money”. The guest said, “not for you”. That got me to thinking, not all people need to be tipped in all situations. I look at tipping as being polite, I guess in some situations it’s ok to be rude.

Author: 7rosepetal

I’m a Licensed and Ordained Minister/ Counselor and servant of Christ. At Woman of the Word Ministry, we aim to help women to better communication within themselves. This leads to truly understanding self and strengthening family bonds.

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