Jesus in the middle of it all.

Every four to eight years in the United States of America there is a change in National Leadership. 1 Timothy 2:2 gives us instructions that we are to pray for all those who are in authority. Paul is speaking to Timothy here. Depending on what version of the Bible you are reading (wording will be different). I’m using the ESV., it says, so that we can lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. THAT SOUNDS WONDERFUL! There are always problems that arise that prevent that peaceful and quiet life. I see importance vs. relevance when it comes to how we justify how we live and how we think. I really think that we learn on a need-to-know basis. Just a quick example: if you get a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere and you are alone, you are now thinking of things in a relevant way. “I need help”. (This might not be an example for you, you might know all about tires. Ant situation that is new or immediate calls for relevant thinking). You are forced into a new thinking pattern. Everything is politicized in this world. You are either on one side or the other. Everyone on their side is only concerned with winning at all costs! Everything that is said and done is just to get your point across. I know of a poem where the Bible itself is speaking. It says in part “ I sit on the coffee table day in and day out, I’m only opened when someone wants to make a point of something, I’m lonely”. I think of Jesus, His time of birth and His time walking the earth. The political climate was very bad. Even before Jesus was born, His earthly Mother and Father had to make a 100 mile trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem, for tax purposes (and the fulfillment of prophecy). Remember importance vs. relevance? In Luke 9:51-55, Jesus was rejected, His disciples James and John saw this abs asked, Lord, do you want us to tell fire to come down from heaven and consume them? Jesus turned and rebuked them. ESV We, the Church cannot solve problems from any extreme! Jesus did not exercise His own rights or power for Himself, He did for others. Jesus lost everything, so that we could win. Jesus never took sides. He is the King who came to reverse the order of things. He did not play to win, not in the way we definite winning. We think Jesus is what we are politically, because that is the way we think. The Church looks more Christ-like when we are defending other people’s rights rather than our own. It was Christianity, not any particular political party that shaped western civilization. The teachings of Jesus laid the groundwork for our modern notions of justice, fairness and dignity for all. How many times did Jesus shoe love for those who did not agree with Him? Christians will not always agree with one another, but we are to love in spite of the differences. The Church is called to be the conscience of the nation. Let’s win the way Jesus did when He walked the earth. Prophetess/Chaplain WanaKEE-TO-LIFE-IS-JESUS


Giving it His all!

How do you decide to tip?

I travel and stay in hotels a lot. I have luggage with me and it is put in the back of the hotel van by a driver. I have gotten to know some of the drivers, due to the amount of time I stay in the hotels. I usually tip the driver. I do this even though I have had my suitcase dropped by the driver. Even though my handle was bent by the driver. Even though my small bag was taken apart, just because the driver wanted to do it. My point is I tip the van driver. On one occasion I was leaving the hotel and I witnessed the van driver being rude to one of the guest. When we reached the airport, my bags were taken out and I tipped the driver. I watched this other guest say to the driver, “I don’t have any money for you”. The driver said “what do you need change for”. The guest said, “I don’t need any change”. The driver said “oh you just don’t have any money”. The guest said, “not for you”. That got me to thinking, not all people need to be tipped in all situations. I look at tipping as being polite, I guess in some situations it’s ok to be rude.

The choices of thought, food and power.

To say that there are bad or poor food options, would be – as they say ” a understatement”. The choices of quality food have been shrinking for a number of years. No matter what is happening in the world, folks with limited resources are the most exposed. I think that it is hard to measure true poverty, because the standard of living is different across the world. I don’t think that the world power can head-count people of limited resources (when the numbers come out they are only estimates), and even if they could this does not measure the intensity of poverty at all. One report that I read says that the poorest person will be making $1 a day by the year 2050. This kind of puts things into perspective. In everything that we do and what we think, we think about who we are and what we have. The choices we make are firmly tied to our prospective of ourselves. This is first and foremost. It is imperative to know that we all can make positive choices, but there are some who don’t even think that they have a right to do so. We are all influenced by our environment, be it positive or negative. The catch, or twist is that we must know that we have the power to influence what we see and think. Some people think the way that they have been trained by the world that they see, not fully understanding that what is seen with the necked eye is not necessarily the truth. There must be conscious thought that the world is bigger and holds more ideals than we see. The fact that people with limited resources tend to think that they are powerless speaks volumes to the contrary. Thinking powerless thoughts, when turned 360 degrees to understand that changed thought processes gives greater power to ideals. There will always be those who have and those who don’t have. My prayer is that there will be those who THINK.

Prophetess Wanakee

Responsible Eating

98C50D59-88C2-4B43-A5C9-782934583B7DFlour in its natural state is full of Vitimans that are good for your body:  A, B1, B5, C, E and Vitamin K. BUT in this day most of the flour that people consume is REFINED and this is when it becomes harmful to your body. The consumption of flour along with white sugar should be weighed carefully. Flour is an example of a complex carbohydrate which has the effect of rapid metabolism that can cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Flour has no nutritional value. Because flour has the effect of rapid metabolism, glucose is delivered into your blood stream all at once and your pancreas secrets large quantities of insulin that stimulate glucose absorption into cells and body tissue. Blood sugar levels plummet and you feel hungry, thus creating a cycle of glucose-induced food cravings. As a Natural Health Consulant I am always seeking a better way to eat (and have fun) while nourishing  the body.

I believe that this recipe does both:


1/3 cup + 1 heaping Tbsp, all natural peanut butter

1/4 cup raw honey

1/2 cup unsweetened all natural applesauce

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/3 cup unsweetened cacao powder

1/2 cup oats

1 tsp baking soda

1/8 tsp sea salt

1 cup finely shredded zucchini (with the skin left on)

1/4 cup dark chocolate chips (will add a bit of sugar)



Preheat oven to 350 degrees

spray a 8 by 8 brownie pan, wiped with coconut oil

ground your oats in blender until they are finely ground

using mixer: mix peanut butter, applesauce, honey and vanilla until it’s smooth.

add zucchini, cacao powder, ground oats, baking soda and sea salt, mix until

ingredients are combined.

stir in half of the chocolate chips, pour batter into baking pan and sprinkle

remaining chips on top

bake for 25 minutes

let bronnies cool before cutting and eating!

The Smell of Poverty

There’s a difference in who is now called poor in this world. Sometimes it’s easy to see who is having difficulty and at other times it is not! It is at these times when people can get lost and not receive the help that they might need. This work of 16 Authors will inspire and uplift you, understanding that no shame should be attached to any situation of this sort.




Conflict has been and will be until the end of time. Some say that conflict can be healthy, others are not so sure of that. What ever your thoughts on the subject, you will always have it to speak about because it will always be around. What separates the “apples from the oranges” is how conflict is dealt with. Since conflict is considered to be a disagreement between 2 or more people, it should be handled in a way that will teach and train rather than punish and embarrass. Now the question will be asked, how? Even when someone is speaking to another someone who is less than willing to “bend”, consideration must be given to the person, as a person. By speaking louder than someone or getting others to go along with you will not solve conflict. This will only serve to bring bitterness and other embarrassment to the entire group. Jesus has the perfect answer on how to deal with conflict and resolve it.

Quickly – Matthew 5: 23-25 (there will be little to no time for bitterness to set in and productivity can continue)

Face to Face – Matthew 18:15 ( it is better to always go directly to the person and not use a second party)

Get Help – Matthew 18: 16-17 ( if the parties cannot come to a conclusion on their own, involving a second party, someone from the outside is advisable)

We as humans can learn a lot from other humans, even our enemies! The circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in are designed for us to grow.3A4739E0-7E0B-4001-9BB9-18F88108546E

Assuming the Burden


Often times, at lease more times than most of us want, we are in a position where we must attend a meeting or conference alone. Sometimes sub-consciously we will try to get out of such a situation with a multitude of excuses. Well with this mini-training there is no more need of that. Coming into a room filled with people that we might not know does not have to be difficult. I am a trained Communications Counselor, who has perfected the art of “Assuming the Burden”.



Natural Toothpaste Mixture

Natural Toothepaste Mixture

The care of your teeth as well as your gums are essential to good health. It has always been better for health to brush your teeth and gums with a natural mixture. Mainstream toothpaste should not be swallowed, as it is clearly stated on the package. This natural mixture will not harm you if you swallow it. There are many natural mixtures to choose from, this is the one I recommend as a Natural Health Consultant. Use This Link Below and Select Download



The purpose of an Alphawoman.

1C2A6DB6-F8FF-46E3-BDC5-AD24CE81E5B6.jpegThis community of Alphawomen is concerned with positively and properly communicating. The Alphawoman will close gaps in relationships and in closing gaps she can then began to build bridges, and we all know that bridges connect! Woman of the Word Ministry and the Alphawoman1 Program believes that women are the “glue” in any given relationship, and how she FLOWS sets the tone for any given situation.