Jesus has and always will be a sign of hope for those who love Him. He was born into turmoil, through a virgin birth, where His earthly father simply had to trust the Holy Spirit. There were always bad feelings between the Jews and Samaritans. When Jesus was a boy and as He grew into manhood, both politics and religion were involved. “According to the Encyclopedia Dictionary of the Bible (McGraw Hill) by Louis F. Hartman, CSSR, feelings of ill will probably went back before the separation of the Northern and Southern Jewish Kingdoms. Even then there was a lack of unity between the tribes of Jacob” ( Jesus knew that those who profess to love Him would have a difference of opinions. He always sees the division between faithful people. This is why He made a prayer request to his Father. That they be ONE (John 17:11). When Jesus met the women of Samaria at the well, He actually was not supposed to be walking through that city. He did and He got tired and sat down. The interaction that took place between Jesus and the woman is recorded in John 9:29. The women ended up going back to her community telling all to “come and see a man who told me everything”. Even though these 2 groups of people had no dealings with one another and feelings of hostility were ever present. Jesus pushed past hatred to tell someone about “living water”. There were ongoing battles between Jesus and the Samaritans (book of Ezra, chapter 4). With this rejection came political hostility and opposition. Today we can see political hostility and opposition in our world. Even though it is there, we must look for an opportunity to love people unconditionally when we disagree with them politically. With this hostility between the Jews and the samaritans, the phrase “the Good Samaritan” has such force. Luke 10:29-37. The Samaritan is anyone who can rise above hatred, bigotry, prejudice and indifference. Are you willing to evaluate your politics through the filter of your faith rather than create a version of faith that supports your politics? We must put our faith in front of any and all disagreements. Jesus rises above the social and religious restrictions of His day. Not just a man speaking to a woman, but a Jew speaking to a Samaritan. Heavenly Father make us ONE so that we can influence many. Nothing divides like politics, nothing divides like fear, what do we fear, loss. We gain far more than we could ever lose, when we open our hearts.